When hobbies create friendships

The idea

The first idea of DoTo came to me while I was waiting for a bus. I saw peoples around me stacking their heads in their phones, not communicating with each other. At that moment I thought to myself “I wish I had someone to talk with right now about my favorite music or computer game”.

The problem is that I’m shy, and it is hard for me to start a conversation out of the blue. I wish there was dating like application that helps me find someone near me with the same interests so we can talk face to face and spend time.

The Problem


The struggle to start a face to face conversation with strange people.


It is hard to know if people near you share the same interests and hobbies as you. 


Persona 1.1


25, a basketball fan. Working as a bartender, recently moved to an apartment looking for new friends to play with them in his neighborhood. Because of his work during the evening and night, he searches for people who are available during flexible hours.

Persona 3


22, a biology student and nature lover. She likes to travel in her spare time, but her close friends do not enjoy it often. Sophie would like to travel with people who live in nature and enjoy traveling like her.

Persona 3


At age 17, Gil is an active boy, enjoying opportunities and not afraid to experiment with new things. However, he finds fast thrills and moves from one hobby to another. Gil was interested in discovering new hobbies and knowing the level of his hobbies.

So what is DoTo?

DoTo is an app that helps you find people around you with the same interests as you.

Looking for a partner to photograph with or run across the neighborhood?

Want to arrange a basketball game in the local basketball court?

DoTo is the app for you.


Onboarding & sign in

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Events feed

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Friends feed

Explore & Search

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Notifications feed


Personal area 


The app

DoTo is a social app that allowing you to rate your colleagues’ skills and the experience you had with them or with the activity they made. 

Group of Friends

DoTo helps you to find activities that suit you base on your preferences.

With DoTo you can find people with hobbies like you, chat with them, meet them, arrange and share group activities and experiences.

Meetup Event

The app enables you to open events easily and makes it more reliable by using the DoTo images stock as a background image.

Ready Set Go

To keep the user in the app, DoTo includes a chat page and alow to make exploration about similar activities that may the user be interested in.

Fonts & colors