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Get over your celebrity

The idea

Dumpster is a mobile application that gives the option of support to people who have been hit by an admired image, such as actors, singers, and other popular acclaim. The application can identify which emotional state the user is using, by means of a face recognition system, and adapt the various activities to the healing stage.

Project goals 

My goal in the project was to create an interface that would suit the distress and the need for an immediate concoction of emotion in the user. To do that was important to me to pass the user as quickly as possible to the activity stage.
In addition, it was important for me to create a platform that provides all relevant information to the user about that vulnerable event and make it accessible to the user in the most appropriate way.

The design

At the design stage, I chose to use soft shapes and colors, in order to identify with the emotional state in which the user is. During the characterization phase of the application's users, I realized that it would be important to connect the application design to the same content world.
In addition, it was important for me to create a desirable look for the app, in order to make the user want to use the app.