E - Drawings

Redesign the mobile app

About the app

E Drawings is a CAD application for Dassault Systemes.
The application allows you to open three-dimensional files and look at each part of the model. In addition, the application allows you to see the model in VR simulation by printing and scanning the code.


Application instruction is not intuitive and generates a lot of usage errors.

This is due to the design of the app icons and applets. In addition, there are screens that can be downloaded to create a more fluid flow of the user.


The app

Security for logging in to the app was added, so the projects that are on the app are secured in a time of phone theft.  

In the new design, the gallery was rearranged; at the top of the page you can find the latest files. In addition, there is also an option to organize the files in folders if the user wishes to.    

I've changed the toolbar on a better-designed bar to Mobile. In addition, I designed the work area to fit both the horizontal screen and the vertical mode

AR: environment detection feature

In the existing application, you need to print QR code. In the new application, it is not necessary, you can define the object position by selecting.