Sync your money


The Idea

Centering credit accounts into a single, accessible, and secure place with access to mobile credit applications


Some of us have too much credit as well as credit card accounts to follow.


Persona 1

Amit is a salaried employee in a high-tech company and owns several credit cards. Amit makes use of all his credit cards and often fails to check his credit limit in each account. As a result, he is surprised at the amount he wasted at the end of each month

Persona 2

Shira, 23, is a fashion and shopping enthusiast. She spends a lot of time with her friends in shopping malls and as a result, finds it difficult to save. The many wastes stem from the excessive use of a different credit card that does not warn her of her many expenses.

Persona 3
Dr. Pontek

Dr. Pontek is a senior physician at a well-known hospital, where he leads a stressful life in hospital rooms and strives to conduct his life in the most efficient manner possible. Apart from his work at the hospital, Fontk invests in virtual currencies and frequently checks the status of his account in each of the credit applications

So what is MoneyNow?

MoneyNow is a mobile app that centers your credit accounts into one place.

Wishing to know how much money you have left on your credit limit?

Want to check up on what you spent your money on?

MoneyNow is the app for you.

The app

MoenyNow has a fast sign-in process including entering with ID recognition or a password of your choice in the first login process. 

The app is connected to your existing app accounts on your mobile device and gathers important information from them.

On the home page of the app, the user can see the overall expenses from each credit account. The doughnut chart helps the user understanding which credit card he uses the most.

The application has areas for each credit account where the expense details of the accounts are displayed.

MoneyNow analyzes previous expenses to help the user to keep track of them. The app also gives tips on saving according to the user's future expenses.

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