Semi-autonomous bicycles

The Sleipnir is a combination of a bicycle and motor road designed for the autonomous car era. My design tries to answer the question of “how can we preserve the joy of driving in the era of the autonomous cars”.


Autonomous vehicles start to take place on the roads. And the coming struggle the designers try to answer is "how can we use our spare time will ‘driving’ in autonomous cars”. The majority of the concepts today rely on wide touch screens and advanced entertainment system technology that didn’t exist in the past. Autonomous motorcycles are still in concept, but sooner or later we will see those crossing county roads.


What can we miss?

The connection with the environment.  

The connection with the vehicle.   


The evolution of technology makes tremendous improvements with automatic vehicles. It gives us the opportunity to create new entertainment as well as combine futuristic features into cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. I decided to use technology for safety features. The passenger is the driver, and he can control the bike with a device that protects him from dangerous situations. The device can also take control immediately on its own to help guide the passenger.



sketch new.png

Final design 

Riding positions

In the design process, I decided to allow several riding positions in one vehicle: Turing, Aero, and Road, as well as the ability to change from a bicycle into a motorcycle. The concept is to give the rider the ability to adjust the vehicle to the driving environment to make a unique feeling while driving.