Gesture Detector For Running

The situation existing

Today, if you'd like to run with a cellphone you must use a 'phone sports armband' and it has some problems.

For example, if you like to change songs while running, you must rich in your cellphone and look at what you tap.

Another problem with the armband is the access to the volume buttons. In some of the armband, it's not easy to push them.  After some experiments, I found this gesture very disturbing and decided to design another way to control the phone while running. 


After the Observations, I recognize that all of the runners running with them hands beside the body to give themselves balance while running. I found this area a good place to handle the phone by technology.   


While the research after technology that suitable for my project, I found 'Google Project Soli'. Project Soli is a chip that can recognize between gesture by listening. The accuracy of this chip is very high so I can decide which gesture the object will receive and handle according the program.      

Interaction with the body

From the observations, I found the area of the chest as a good place to work.  

Hand gesture 

Turn up

the volume

Turn down

the volume








Connected to the device 

Design inspirations

Final design 

The size of the Swiper is 6 cm x 6 cm and its connection to the body by clip cloth.  The texture of the clip gives the runner light feeling while running and not Stick to the skin with sweat. Besides that, The Swiper contains a battery, Bluetooth antenna, Google Soli and led light to on and off orientation. 

The purpose behind the design is to create an alight wight package that talks with the word of the runners. The shell of the object made from rubber and ABS plastic.  

The Swiper wireless charging ability allows a friendly and safety charge, and waterproof abilities. The charger designed to be compact and portable.