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Trip Planner

Personal trip planning system 

The problem

Every time we plan a trip, we are looking for information on nearby attractions from multiple sources. Getting information from multiple sources adds time and confusion to your trip planning.

My rule

User research, Persona Creation, User Journey, Information Architecture, User App Flow, Wireframes, User Testing, Design system, User Interface.

The solution

Location-based web platform which allows you to choose from a variety of nearby attractions and festivities and plan your ideal trip itinerary. The platform gathers nearby attractions for the desired location from local business advertisements.     


Hand sketches | Axure | Sketch app 

Research & User experience 

Market research 

During the research, I looked for a web and mobile platform that made to plan a vacation. I looked for webs and system that I can take inspiration from, I've tried to understand the logic behind the design, user experience the structure.


I've tried to find a few potential users that might use the new platform. moreover, I tried to understand their world so that the system will be more simple for them to handle. I wrote questionnaires on Google Forms and shared it on Facebook, forums, and asked people about their trip planning processes. From the feedback I got, I've found some important insights and built three personas.

Most of the people plan them tip on the computer

Most of the people print and carry the trip summery 

Most of the people don't carry a computer or tablet on the trip



Dan spared about a year and a half traveling with his family. Dan struggles with connecting flights and hotels and attractions and would rather save on the travel agent's money. In addition, he is not interested in an organized outing as his little children make it difficult.



Rita is a pensioner, married to Robert. Rita doesn't get along with the Internet and has trouble finding and organizing a vacation. Rita was interested in using a website that would concentrate on the vacation components for her so that she could easily put together the vacation.



Yaniv heard from his friends about Milan. He wants to fly there but doesn't know what attractions the destination offers. Yaniv is afraid to close a deal with the thought that he will not enjoy this vacation.

Use scenario - the central path
Main screen flow
Web Flow.png
Low fidelity mockup 
High fidelity mockup 

To make the user experience more accurate and adjusted to the screen sizes, I continued to develop the sketches on Axure.

Design system

Before I got to the user interface part, I developed a design system, so the design part will be more accurate and faster to build. My guiding words were: Simple | Friendly | Easy to use | Comunity | Family | Fun | Happy | Trip. 


The design system reflects the guide words that I chose. To reflect it, I used clear components and used rounded shapes. I choose to work with several colors to classify the types of attractions.


Final UI design

Home page
01 Large.png

In the entry page of the system, the user fills the location, place of staying at the destination, and the dates of the trip. Moreover,  the user can browse and find a new destination and attractions.   

Onboarding: First trip

when the user enters to the next page, the page gives him a preview of how to use the system by onboarding pop-up.


The dashboard assembles from several components:

  • Header: contain the dates and the user that the trip shares with.

  • Toolbar: allows moving between days and assemble the trip.

  • Attraction Gallery.

  • Map.

Dashboard: Use

Another option to add an attraction is choosing from the attraction gallery. When the user clicks on an attraction from the gallery, he can see the trail to the attraction and attraction time. As you can see the user drags the attraction to the calendar to the dates he chooses. 


After the user added the attraction to the calendar,

he can see the attraction on the calendar and the attraction was added in the attraction gallery.

Dashboard: overall trip

When the user end finishes planning his trip he can watch the overall and make changes. The user always can make changes and customize his trip according to his terms.


The main important value of this system is the possibility to take with you the trip plan on the phone. On the app, you can see the attractions and navigate from one to another. The user also can edit the trip during the trip. The user can download the trip map to use it offline. 

Mobile 01.png
Mobile 02.png

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