Trip Planner

Personal trip planning system 

The problem

Every time we plan a trip, we are looking for information on nearby attractions from multiple sources. Getting information from multiple sources adds time and confusion to your trip planning.

My rule

User research, Persona Creation, User Journey, Information Architecture, User App Flow, Wireframes, User Testing, Design system, User Interface.

The solution

Location-based web platform which allows you to choose from a variety of nearby attractions and festivities and plan your ideal trip itinerary. The platform gathers nearby attractions for the desired location from local business advertisements.     


Hand sketches | Axure | Sketch app 

Research & User experience 

Market research 

During the research, I looked for a web and mobile platform that made to plan a vacation. I looked for webs and system that I can take inspiration from, I've tried to understand the logic behind the design, user experience the structure.


I've tried to find a few potential users that might use the new platform. moreover, I tried to understand their world so that the system will be more simple for them to handle. I wrote questionnaires on Google Forms and shared it on Facebook, forums, and asked people about their trip planning processes. From the feedback I got, I've found some important insights and built three personas.

Use scenario - the central path
Main screen flow
Low fidelity mockup 
High fidelity mockup 

To make the user experience more accurate and adjusted to the screen sizes, I continued to develop the sketches on Axure.

Design system

Before I got to the user interface part, I developed a design system, so the design part will be more accurate and faster to build. My guiding words were: Simple | Friendly | Easy to use | Comunity | Family | Fun | Happy | Trip. 

The design system reflects the guide words that I chose. To reflect it, I used clear components and used rounded shapes. I choose to work with several colors to classify the types of attractions.

Final UI design

Home page
Onboarding: First trip
Dashboard: Use
Dashboard: overall trip

Thank you